Privacy Policy

In terms of privacy Naturock is always very diligent. We do things as they should be done. In the exact same way that we also want to be treated when it comes to our privacy. We make sure that personal data are shielded properly from third parties.

In terms of privacy Naturock is always very diligent. We do things as they should be done. In the exact same way that we also want to be treated when it comes to our privacy. We make sure that personal data are shielded properly from third parties. 

This is actually all you need to know: we protect your data, we never share them with third parties. But this does not suffice from a legal perspective, hence you can find a more extensive version of our privacy rules below. We tried to formulate this as comprehensibly as possible. If you do still have questions then send an email to and we will answer your question as soon as possible.

Personal data with contracts
We retain personal data when we perform a contract for you. We do not need to know everything about you, only what is strictly required to organise everything in the best way possible. Below you can find an overview of the personal data that we need and why:

- Given name and surname: so that we can send the correspondence to the correct person.
- Position: if is handy to know if you work at a policy level or if you are more involved in the practical aspects.
- Gender: so that we can address you correctly.
- Email address: for (almost) all our correspondence.
- Postal address: we use this to send correspondence and invoices, or the latter already needs to take place digitally.
- Department and company name: so that correspondence and documents arrive at the right place.
- Mobile telephone number: only for emergencies. Or if you personally express the preference of being contacted on it.
- History: we track what contracts we performed for you and what questions, possibilities and impossibilities were discussed. This is convenient for potential follow-up contracts.

In addition, we mostly retain the invoicing details of you or your organisation. Because there are often PO numbers or other required information that needs to be mentioned on an invoice. And you do not want to keep explaining that. We properly register this (but this regards your organisation and not you as a person).

In addition, we use your data for the following:

- Services: you can call and email us. To make sure that you do not need to tell the same story twice, we make brief notes of your question. And if a colleague then happens to answer the telephone, he or she also immediately knows what your question was. That is convenient for everyone.
- Do you want to inspect or change your personal data or do you want to be deleted from our system? Not a problem. Let us know by post or email:

Sometimes we must retain certain invoicing data for the Tax Administration, however we have a sophisticated system to anonymise data.

Third parties
Your personal data are only shared with third parties during activities that are strictly required for the performance of our business operations. And if we must do this then any exchange is set up entirely ‘privacy-proof’. Both internally – between employees – and externally – with suppliers – agreements were stipulated that guarantee the confidentiality.

Retention period
We depart from a very clear rule: we do not retain your data any longer than you deem to be appropriate. The retention period is related to the purpose for which we obtained or collected the data and potential statutory obligations. After the completion of your contract we may approach you for additional or comparable contracts. But if you do not want this then you can send an email to and your data will be deleted. If you have any questions about this then feel free to contact us via the same email address.

Choices for personal data
We offer you the possibility to inspect, change or delete all personal data that you supplied to us. Send an email to with a request for information, change, data portability and/or erasure of your personal data.

If we do not do this entirely properly in your opinion then we hope that you will let us know. If after that you nonetheless feel that we deserve a rebuke then you can submit a complaint to the national supervisory authority, the Data Protection Authority.

Securing personal data
Your contracts and awards represent the raison d’être of Naturock. We would not be very clever if we do not take your privacy seriously.

We took the following measures to secure your personal data:

- Servers and devices of our employees are equipped with up to date security software, e.g. a virus scanner and a firewall.
- We only send your data via secure internet connections (SSL). You can see this in the address bar, it will contain ‘https’ and a closed padlock in front of the URL.
- All our people who have access to personal data know exactly how to handle your data diligently.

Changes, questions and feedback
We regularly check if we comply with this privacy policy. If you have questions about our privacy policy then you can contact us:

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Tel. (0168) 452108